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How to Support Complex Document Generation with CCM: Simplifying Collaboration

January 29, 2019

Customer Communications Management (CCM) and modern on-demand CCM software platforms represent a significant leap forward over traditional document generation platforms in managing and streamlining omnichannel customer communications. But where many companies and government agencies have struggled is in leveraging these software tools and data inputs to produce complex, often negotiated contracts and agreements.

Imagine your customer wants to change some information on a negotiated quote, but you’ve made edits to the original text. You need to start all over. This creates friction in the customer experience – not to mention internal inefficiency.

The reality is that today, complex documents often take too long and require too much back-and-forth collaboration, slowing down business transactions and even impeding revenue recognition.

But here’s why you should actually take a second look at how on-demand CCM software can help you simplify that collaboration and produce complex documents faster. Continue reading to learn how larger enterprises are rethinking how they manage complex digital collaboration.

What Do We Mean by Complex Document Collaboration?

Traditional CCM solutions may work fine for high-volume, structured batch scenarios. However, they fall woefully short in today’s world of managing and enabling complex use cases that require multiple parties to collaborate or negotiate on the content. Examples include vendor contracts, commercial lending agreements or group insurance policies.

To know whether your CCM solution requires an upgrade to next-gen CCM, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do we need to capture information throughout the process?
  • Do we have business processes that involve multiple people (internal and external) contributing information to generate a quote or contract?
  • Do our processes allow for multiple people to join the workflow at different times, depending on the process?
  • Do some interactions require information from customers, plus their spouses, plus their financial advisors or insurance agents, and company employees, to move forward?
  • Do our processes include workflows wherein document approvals and reviews are required in a timely manner?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then your legacy CCM solutions are likely struggling to keep pace with your collaboration needs.

Case Examples in Complex Document Generation

Here are a few examples where we’ve seen clients achieve time and cost savings by simplifying their complex document production:

  • A major U.S. tech company expects to trim cut its FTE costs by in half and recapture $15 million over three years by automating the production of custom sales contracts. It will also shrink the time needed to deliver a compliant document from days to minutes.
  • A large accounting firm automated the creation of 300-page transfer pricing documents for tax reporting, using more than 1,200 points of data collected by global teams. What once took six analysts six weeks to produce, now only takes two analysts one week.
  • A U.S. specialty P&C insurer reduced the time needed to assemble a custom policy from days to less than an hour – while reducing errors.

Complex Document Collaboration Is Just Part of the On-Demand CCM Benefit

On-demand CCM from Intelledox can easily manage the complex collaboration requirements in today’s digital world and represents a significant leap forward from traditional CCM and its over-reliance on manual efforts. But that is just part of the tectonic shift taking place in CCM today.

To understand the full set of advancements available to your organization today, read our 7 Ways Your CCM Solution Fails eBook for seven ways on-demand CCM represents a major leap forward in customer communications.

And, if you’re looking to update or modernize your document generation systems to meet digital demands, let us show you a demo.

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