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How IT Specialists Can Empower Business Users With a Low Code Software Platform

Chris Gabriel, Intelledox Principal Product Architect | May 16, 2019

The business world is changing, everyone is busy transforming and re-inventing. I see it every day, working with customers all facing similar challenges: the convergence of competing forces, demands for new business processes, new product lines, new intelligent technology driven by the different needs of the business. All at once.

These forces, along with a range of other disruptors mean that as an IT team it seems our resources are always stretched to deliver all this ‘new’, meanwhile maintaining older systems and providing ongoing support.

Our job as IT specialists is changing in not only what is being demanded, but how we can deliver to all the audiences from internal stakeholders, B2B and external customers.

So how do we become nimble, so as to deliver at the required speed? Our managers might tell us to focus on Minimum Viable Product (MVP), but this term is often misused or misunderstood. How much of the ‘viable’ is to be sacrificed in the pursuit of the ‘minimum’? Do we adopt a Build-Measure-Learn flow to deliver iteratively? As an IT team how do we keep up with these changing demands across all the lines of business we must deliver to, and how can we possibly manage all those conflicting priorities?

Having spent a lot of time with many of our customers, the most successful outcomes have been where we can empower the line of business to self-service ownership of their processes. By delivering an intuitive platform such as Intelledox Infiniti, lines of business can build their own smart forms, develop their own workflow processes and deliver mission-critical outcomes. IT cannot and should not own every changing requirement. In fact, strong IT teams recognize the importance of empowering their users to create, engage and own their own processes.

This is a key reason that we put a lot of our energy into ensuring the Intelledox Infiniti platform is a true Low Code solution ready for that business enablement, along with all the learning material and training that could be needed to get going. Consider the two below examples:

  1. When HR is ready to roll out a new employee onboarding process, the Infiniti platform can respond quickly. Someone need only wire up a smart form using our intuitive Design tool to configure both the data inputs and the workflow steps required to fully capture that business process. This form can be published to users in a matter of moments ready for first use. This truly rapid build approach combined with the automatic capture of relevant analytics data allows the HR team to implement practices such as Build-Measure-Learn right into how they deliver this process to the rest of the business.
  2. When a product owner for say a mortgage lending service wants to roll out a new process to capture a cross-sell opportunity with existing assets they don’t have to be at the mercy of IT.  With a simple to use platform, the product team themselves can create a new customer journey, configuring both the data inputs, the workflow steps and the links to their core systems to fully capture the process. Like the above example, by combining the automatic capture with the rapid build approach the Product Manager to implement practices such as Build-Measure-Learn right into how they deliver the process to the business.

One of the key ways we achieved a Low Code approach with the Infiniti platform was by designing a strong set of intuitive tools, including accelerators to fast track build from PDF forms, but also by providing strong re-usability framework. What this means for you is that you can encapsulate common functionality.

With the release of Infiniti Version 11, there’s never been a better time to jump in and experience what the Infiniti platform can do to help your business, to empower your users and to reach your customers. At Intelledox we believe that this empowerment is critical to your future success. The next time someone approaches you with a huge challenge, and you’re faced with the options – buy something, build something, make do with what you have – ask yourself, what if? What if the business could take care of this requirement for themselves? Even for complex requirements, what if the business could model the majority of the process out and limit the amount of assistance required? With the low-code Infiniti platform, you can!

When I work with empowered, engaged business teams I see a reduction in reliance on IT teams, but even more than that – I see a greater level of ownership, adoption and end-user satisfaction when they see their ideas come to life.

Follow my future blogs where I will give you my real life System Architect’s view on some of these topics:

  • The role of AI in helping business users transform PDF forms to digital experiences
  • My guiding principles when architecting Infiniti to solve customer problems
  • A practical guide to “empowering business users”
  • My view of the future for content automation?

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