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Guided Forms Explained: Intelledox Inside the DocuSign Agreement Cloud

May 30, 2019

If you’re looking to remove friction and elevate the customer experience, eSignature software is a popular way to speed up and simplify transactions. However, digital signatures are just one step along the customer journey. Enterprises need to automate how information is managed both before – and after – that signature is needed. That’s what’s behind the idea of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, which includes DocuSign Guided Forms, powered by Intelledox.

First, why does this matter to you?

According to DocuSign, its Agreement Cloud allows business to be done faster with less risk, lower costs, and better experiences for customers, partners and employees. In today’s digital-first world, this is mission critical. From DocuSign CEO Dan Springer:

“Our customers want us to modernize their entire systems of agreement—what happens before, during, and after the signature—and that’s exactly what the DocuSign Agreement Cloud is designed to do. … The DocuSign Agreement Cloud represents the future of our business—and the future is now.”

DocuSign first introduced its “System of Agreement” approach at its Momentum conference in June 2018 – with the inclusion of partners like Intelledox (Read our post).

Geoffrey Moore, famous author of Crossing the Chasm, explained the rise of the modern system of agreement in his keynote address last year at the DocuSign Momentum conference. Here’s how he positioned the reasons why organizations are focusing on this technology: it’s all about the customer experience:

Docusign Blog Image


Second, where does Intelledox fit in the DocuSign Agreement Cloud?

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud targets four key aspects in the lifecycle of any agreement. Through pre-built integrations and partnerships with companies like Intelledox, DocuSign now claims to help organizations modernize all four of these areas:

  1. Prepare an agreement with data from files or other systems
  2. Sign, via automated routing and signing function
  3. Act by updating records or triggering actions in other systems
  4. Manage existing agreements with secure retention, retrieval and reporting

No agreement is worth the paper (or electronic device) it is written upon unless all the information within it is accurate and complete. That’s why we believe the “Prepare” area of that lifecycle is the most complex and challenging for many organizations. And that’s where Intelledox adds enormous value.

Powered by Intelledox, the DocuSign Guided Forms platform helps organizations simplify a signer’s experience in personalizing and digitizing the way information is collected, and then connecting data with core systems to maximize efficiency, turnaround time and accuracy. From new account opening through customer service applications, organizations can deliver a fast and fully digital and mobile-friendly customer experience.

Third, what’s inside Guided Forms Powered by Intelledox?

Taking a deeper dive, using Guided Forms, companies can pull data from systems of record to pre-fill digital interviews, using pre-built connectors with CRM or other core data sources, and dynamically deliver the right questions, personalized to the customer. (No more disconnected static paper or web forms!)

You can then supplement the data you know already with answers to real-time questions and comments that occur online or via mobile (such as in a chat interface) and capture those interactions as part of the agreement’s completion record.

Then, you can use that information to trigger production of personalized agreements, notices or other communications in real time on demand, via any output channel. With automated workflows, you can route these communications to the right people for approval and DocuSign signature, then trigger post-agreement actions, like billing, account activation and payments.

All of this is done quickly and easily, eliminating manual steps, paper and inefficient processes.

Enterprises adopting Intelledox and DocuSign to improve digital customer experience

As of this writing, Intelledox has been working with DocuSign for more than three years as a global partner. DocuSign became an official reseller in 2017 and already, we’re seeing truly amazing results reported by our joint clients, such as:

  • In financial services, banks such as FNB of Utah and University Federal Credit Union
  • In the public sector, a number of agencies within the State of California, including the California Department of General Services and the San Diego Airport Authority. (Catch their story on stage at Momentum in a few weeks!)
  • In insurance, carriers such as Mass Mutual and Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance

One of the largest global technology services companies has implemented Guided Forms to automate its sales contracts. The company estimates it will save an incredible $15 million over three years by implementing Guided Forms.

Many of these clients are focusing on streamlining new account opening, onboarding and service applications to with an eye on delivering a truly differentiated customer (or citizen) experience across digital and even traditional channels, like via agents and call centers.

Take the next step

Intelledox is pleased to be a core part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud and jointly selling solutions that streamline the end-to-end agreement process.

If you’re using eSignature technologies without a broader view of the entire process of how your agreements are created and delivered, we invite you to contact us – or contact DocuSign – to learn more about Guided Forms, powered by Intelledox.


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