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Going Truly Digital With Onboarding Applications

June 27, 2019

Going Truly Digital With Onboarding Applications Processes

Onboarding applications are vital to providing superb, friction-free, digital services to your customers, employees, partners, or other stakeholders. Once you’ve gone through the effort and high costs of acquiring a customer, you need to onboard them as quickly and easily as possible. The onboarding process should delight customers and staff as you don’t want to create any dissonance so early in the relationship.

The old methods of using a paper or PDF form, or an extensive, resource-intensive interview process just won’t work anymore. Your stakeholders demand speed and efficiency, so if you want to compete, you need to keep onboarding simple.

If you make it fast and easy to use your services, you’ll create goodwill towards your business, build loyalty, and have great opportunities to upsell or cross-sell products.


Reimagine Your Forms into Personalized, Interactive Interviews

The main issue with onboarding is getting information from your customers or employees. No one wants to spend hours gathering details and entering them into 50 boxes across three different onboarding forms or worse still have multiple phone calls or email exchanges. Even more frustrating, asking the same question over and over.  Fortunately, there’s an easier way — interactive, guided, personalized, customer-led interviews that make data gathering fast, easy, and painless. The Intelledox Infiniti platform integrates perfectly with your data, systems, and applications to revolutionize your onboarding process.

The top 8 ways to ensure your onboarding is effective:

  1. Tailor smart customer service agents and chatbots with all the questions you need to ask to get data from your customers, employees, or others.
  2. Define behind-the-scenes rules for smart, logical routing through the interview system to make sure you get all the information needed for onboarding.
  3. Ask natural questions in plain English, so customers find it easy to provide answers.
  4. Offer multiple answering options, including checkboxes, multiple choice, free text, and more.
  5. Integrate your onboarding application with back-office data across multiple systems and databases to remove friction and show that you know your customers and respect their time.
  6. Prefill information that you’ve sourced from existing data, so that your customers just need to verify, making onboarding even easier.
  7. Enable your customers to provide information from their smartphone like their current location, pictures, and other details to ease the onboarding process further.
  8. Allow your customers to stop and save their data and continue the onboarding process at any time convenient to them. Even allow them to collaborate with other parties making it even easier when you may need two partners or parties involved.


Great Use Cases for Onboarding Applications

Let’s explore how you could customize an onboarding application process for your business, employee, and customer needs.


Onboarding Applications for Finance and Banking

Banks and financial institutions rely on trust, so start off right by making financial onboarding fast and easy. Intelledox Infiniti makes it easy to create on-demand financial interviews so customers can enter data quickly, securely, and in confidence. Pull in data from other accounts and products, and understand account management needs, risk profiles, financial product fit, and more. Build relationships with your banking and finance customers through personalized, relevant, easy interactions.

Onboarding Applications for Insurance

Whether it’s gathering details for a new policy, managing claims, or providing superb customer service, insurance businesses can gain a lot from digital onboarding. Whether you’re focused on property and casualty (P&C), life, health, specialty lines or all of the above, Intelledox can help you digitally transform paper and PDF forms, manual business processes, and batch document generation. Digital onboarding will help you reduce NIGO scores, improve data integrity, and accelerate turnaround time.

Onboarding Applications for Employees

Onboarding isn’t just for customers. When you hire a new candidate and bring them into your business, you need to gather all sorts of information for HR and employee management. Use smart interviews to understand their unique needs including benefits choices, retirement planning, health insurance options, and more. With the right types of interactive interviews, you could reduce your time to onboard new employees by 80 or 90 percent.


Transform the Customer Journey and Make Onboarding a Delight

Ultimately, you want to make the onboarding journey a joy for your customers. Change the minds of your consumers by understanding their point of view and developing onboarding applications that completely remove the pain from the process. Through optimizing customer onboarding, you’ll reduce abandonment rates, collect high-quality data, and build better relationships with customers and other stakeholders.

Learn more about how forms are killing the customer experience and hurting your bottom line.


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