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Digital News Roundup – December 2018

December 6, 2018

Like you, we’re always tuned into stories of digital transformation, especially when it involves forms, customer communications or related workflow. Here’s a selection of recent articles we think you’ll find worth a read.

Why Data Prefill Is on the Rise in Commercial Lines

From Digital Insurance

Application forms for commercial insurance quite simply have too many questions, writes Karen Pauli of SMA. Business insurance customers don’t want to spend time filling out forms any more than consumers do – they want a frictionless interaction. Enter data prefill and new data sources.

Pauli writes: “Insurers covering all but the most complex jumbo commercial lines have an amazing opportunity to utilize the same data integration techniques for data prefill to automatically integrate data into more complex lines of business – to improve data accuracy and thus drive profitability.”

Our take: This is great to hear because many Intelledox insurance clients are doing just that: transforming forms into digital, prefilled interviews designed to adapt to the customer’s needs, device and type of interaction.

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1 in 6 Would Switch FIs for a Better Digital Experience

From CreditUnionTimes

The vast majority of Americans like their banks’ mobile app and online experience, but about 16% might be wooed to another financial institution for upgraded digital features, according to a new survey by the American Bankers Association. And 70% of Americans are using their mobile devices to manage their bank accounts.

Our take: These findings aren’t really all that surprising, but they do underscore the need for banks to take a hard look at the kinds of services that still require paper or in-person branch visits. And, our clients are looking to improve mobile experience in particular, incorporating third-party data sources such as LexisNexis and mapping apps.

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Texas Could Be the Next State to Get Digital IDs and Licenses

From Government Technology

Texas legislators are considering a proposal to test a program for issuing digital and mobile-friendly driver’s licenses and ID cards. The program would also enable citizens to renew and update licenses remotely without visiting a motor vehicle office.

“The digital application would allow the (driver’s license or ID) to be more than a static image or digital reproduction and provide advanced identity authentication, real-time data validation and enhanced security features, such as digital watermarks, to make counterfeiting and fraud increasingly difficult,” cited a 2016 report by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Our take: Ending long lines and wait times at the DMV? Hurrah! Intelledox already provides underlying technology to support digital license renewals in Australia. We can’t wait to see this idea moving to the U.S.

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