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Infiniti is Intelledox’s flagship software solution. With over one million users worldwide, it is a leading customer communications platform that assists organizations to engage with customers, streamline business processes, mitigate risk and capture data more effectively.

Infiniti delivers significant value to enterprises and governments.

By leveraging existing investments in document management and information assets, Infiniti assists organizations to boost customer engagement, drive down operational costs, deliver increased efficiency, reduce compliance risk and improve end user experience.

Built on Microsoft technologies, it is a mature software product that is reliable and dependable.


Infiniti works seamlessly with existing data systems and line of business applications. The system integrates with Microsoft Office and supports industry-standard technologies such as XML and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Infiniti is one product with four key functions: Design, Manage, Capture and Deliver.


Infiniti Design

Build dynamic smart web forms using Infiniti Design:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Build, configure and maintain custom-built forms
  • No coding or scripting required
  • Dynamic assembly for on-the-fly forms creation
  • Native power of Microsoft Word as the template development tool


Infiniti Manage

Centrally manage users, documents and data from a web interface with Infiniti Manage:

  • Access to web forms based on permission-set roles
  • Collect and store data in existing databases and data sources for reference and future use
  • Ability to report on and review projects
  • Improved governance and compliance
  • Increase business process efficiency


Infiniti Capture

Get more out of existing data with Infiniti Capture:

  • Enhance the collection and management of organizational data
  • Dynamic wizard interface with auto-populated fields and data validation
  • Available on any device
  • Offline capability
  • Create multi-lingual smart forms
  • HTML5/SAML/WCAG compliant
  • Auto captures data and metadata to ECM
  • Multi-channel format and delivery


Infiniti Deliver

Business processes at the push of a button with Infiniti Deliver:

  • Send or store form data and documents wherever needed
  • Deploy through Saas (cloud), on-premise or hybrid with the same codebase
  • Browser-based application with no installed components
  • Seamless integration with line of business platforms
  • Real-time access
  • Existing data is immediately actionable
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